The Happy Blogger studio is a place where bloggers or small business owners can learn new skills that will make their blogs & websites the best they can be. There’s a lot of blogs out there and you want the skills to make yours stand out and look professional. Whether you blog as a hobby or looking to take it more seriously or have a blog/website for your business, you want to put out your best for your readers or to attract brands.  The Happy Blogger was created by Melissa DiRenzo, a blogger herself who has many years of experience as a graphic designer and art director working with large national brands. Her own work has appeared in national publications and stores across the country. She started The Happy Blogger as a place to share what she and her professionally creative friends know about creating visually interesting and compelling content with other bloggers.

Because learning is fun and an educated blogger is a Happy Blogger!

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  2. Hi. I am a new blogger and I am eager to learn anything I can about this process. I don’t know what possessed me to type in “happy blogger” but here I am and I’m glad I found you.

    • Hello new blogger! I am an old blogger.. pushing 73 on July 29th. I’ve been blogging since March of 2003 and have crafted about 5,000 entries since them most under TelegramTowns.com…Bob Potvin. I have a photoblog on EyeFetch.com BobbyP. I started writing in high school and found out my English teacher in Jr. college liked my style.

      I have letters I sent my folks as a soldier in Vietnam. I wrote all my copy for antique auctions.The secret to it all is being self-confident not self-conscious. Tell a story and make it interesting. Just DO IT!.. and Good Luck

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